MASS – Maa Aur Shishu Swasthya

  • Location: West Bengal, Jharkhand

In India, access to basic healthcare and financial services remains a significant challenge for low-income families, especially for women and their children. To address this issue, Grameen Foundation has launched a new project called Maa Aur Shishu Swasthya (MASS), which leverages India’s movement of self-help groups (SHGs) to provide an integrated, comprehensive package of financial services, health financing, health education, and linkages to formal health providers. Over half of children and women served by MASS suffer from debilitating anemia and earn less than US$4 a day. By providing access to essential health and financial services, MASS seeks to improve the health and well-being of these marginalized communities and break the cycle of poverty. This project has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of millions of families in India, and Grameen Foundation is committed to working towards a world where everyone has access to the tools they need to build a better future.