Grameen Foundation for Social Impact (GFSI), is committed to transform the lives of adolescent girls from rural India through our Lakshyavati Project. In partnership with the Mariam Society, we provide monthly bursaries, mentorship, and empowerment workshops to support these girls on their educational journey.Since its launch in 2019, the Lakshyavati Project has successfully educated 115 girls from rural Maharashtra, India, over a period of three years. The bursary has proven to be a critical lifeline, especially during the challenging months of the pandemic when many families lost their source of income. Many of the girls were able to purchase smartphones on monthly payment plans, which allowed them to attend online classes and continue their education even during the pandemic. Additionally, some girls were able to use the bursary to pay for safe transportation to and from school, which was often located far from their homes. Most importantly, the continued mentorship and engagement of the Lakshyavati Project has resulted in parents and the larger community becoming more supportive of their daughters’ education. This support has played a catalytic role in getting more girls enrolled in high school and preventing them from dropping out. The Lakshyavati Project was designed with the overall goal of empowering girls from underprivileged backgrounds. As we move forward, we aim to reach even more girls, providing them with opportunities and role models within their own communities, and holding up their hopes and dreams for the future. We look forward to the continued success of this life-changing initiative.